Jumat, 28 September 2012


Hi dear all readers,

Sorry I am new to write anymore because yesterday I travel in Hongkong and China.I am Really enjoy when searching for materials and attending the biggest Accesories Exhibition in Hong Kong.Just over a minute from airpot to the Exhibition.Was overjoyed can be met by the seller material shoes from different countries.Assess the quality and merit of each respective fabric.Get acquainted with the material supplier of shoes and very sad once when noticed, that the quality of the fabrics, styles and colours they offer very different in Indonesia.And i am really can't restrain the passions me to go hunting.Do you wonder? waiting my collection edition for next fall/winter.I am really cant wait also.

Okeii,let's back to the topic.I feel very sad that shoebox would always be discarded and end up in the Junk box.I think a lot of things that can be used out of the box the shoes.And it would be nice if we could use a second-hand and thrift makes it appear to be pretty.We should be able to preserve our environment.Although the actions we do minimal, but we are already participating to protect the Earth and reducing waste.And here are some experiments, that i modificated into a beautiful bag.And you also can do this at your home.As creative as you want and make your own design and make it into multifunction box.

Make your signature shoe box :)


Enjoy it dear all readers, and i hope that this information is useful to you


Valencia Arifin

Selasa, 18 September 2012

Quotes for every women

Hi guys, i am sorry for not uptodate because i am really busy focus with my internship and prepare something that i called " SURPRISE " for you all the readers.And i am really worked hard to make this surprise walking with perfect and according to which i dreamed.Today is the very tiring three meetings in a day.After having a discussion with my boss.( He is the best boss in the world ).And i am already consider him as my own father.He is very guide and very inspiring me and  hence i will always give the best i can.and because for a few reasons we should pending the meeting the Ms.Syahrini and re-schedule our meeting.

Anyway i will give you quotes.The purpose from this quote, demonstrated to all women out there and CASTLE really care for your confident,comfort and your day.I have heard from Mr.Black.Before, i am continue the story,Mr Black is famous entrepreneur and he is really a good fighter and really it's my pleasure to have a meet with him.He told me that " A good shoes is represent your character and a good shoes will bring you to a beautiful place " I love this statement and that's why i'll make CASTLE own quotes.Own style.Own taste.Own differentiate and OWN CHARACTER

Dear all readers, i am sorry maybe for next week i cant up to date with this blogs.I have to buying trip and really craving for Winter season.And here, i will make some surprise for you dear all the readers.And really dont forget with Castle Followers Contest.I will choose five lucky winner and enjoy some gifts that you never got before.Because the accesories that we will give for the winner is made in India.

Enjoy it all readers,
Best regards,

Valencia Arifin

Kamis, 13 September 2012

S/S Castle Collection 2012

Hello all. I'm sorry because I was very late to upload photos of CASTLE product's.Due to a busy schedule as well as coursework that piled up last month.And big thanks to the models Sheila and Katherine, and participation of all of you.The theme for this very collection really playing in colours.And the shoes that I am amazed and became the icon of the CASTLE is the RABBIT.Armpit was playing with my cousin's Bunny.I tried to use and how to make shoes that compress funny and unique.And this is the Strength and unique from CASTLE.Because shoes that I have to offer based on the original idea of and I was trying hard to make it happen.Often times,I sleep in when everyone else was up.Therefore let's everybody appreciate each design from CASTLE.And here i am upload the pictures from Spring / Summer Collection 2012.Enjoy it guys and hope you like it.If you are intereseted to make your owns.You can call me at 0877-8873-9947. I will very happy to make a dream shoes for you.

Enjoy it guys!!!

Best regards,

Valencia Arifin

Rabu, 12 September 2012


Come on guys and make sure you are lucky to being the winner

Hei friends!!!! Make sure that you will participated on Castle Twitter Contest,We will find five lucky person.That have a chance to get Free Beautiful Pouch,Accesories and Certificate.It is very easy.Interested?? Makes sure everyday you uptodate and inform your progress..The purpose from this contest is to make people aware with CASTLE existence and make them appreciate with local brand.And our differentiate is we are dare to being different and we always prioritize the comfortable from each pairs that we made
Enjoy it guys,
Best Regards,
Valencia Arifin


Having a collaboration really make me so damn happy

and still don't believe with this opportunities

And here segmen 1!!!! I just have a lot their pictures in my camera.This is for you guys,who dont have anytime to watched the concert last week.So happy that my shoes is worn in three segmen..they said " I am really feel comfort and its really colourful,i like the colours and the models." Sivia BLINK said.

And here Segmen 2
I dont know whats wrong with my wi-fi internet.And i cant upload the videos...So sorry i just can post the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf7iRvlzlr8&feature=player_embedded#t=83s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf7iRvlzlr8&feature=player_embedded#t=83s   
Enjoy it friends.And as Indonesian we should proud of the younger generation they are very talented and many talents.Here i am upload some pictures

Some capture of behind the scene :)

Thankyou all readers..
I am nothing without your support.Be proud for Indonesian Local Brand.
Best Regards,

Valencia Arifin

Selasa, 11 September 2012


Hello my dear readers,

Dear friends, I am very happy getting this opportunity.Being a desaigner for BLINK Indonesia.Blink is a famous and most favourite girlband besides cherrybelle.Yeahh..i think each individuals have their own strength and weakness.But i love them so much.they are very friendly and i think they really fulfill my concept.In a day someone called me and she said,she is interested with my design and surprisely she said that she is fashion stylish of Blink Girlband.And here are some inspirations for the shoes...

The package Invitation

Senin, 10 September 2012



Here are some Introduction

Well guys,after really crazy and hectic deadline.I am really feel worth it.And someone special talked to me..." PUT IN THE HOURS BATTLED THE FRUSTATIONS,GAVE OF YOUR BLOOD,SWEAT AND TEARS AND NOW.FINALLY IT ALL PAID OFF.CONGRATULATIONS."Although I know my journey is still long, but I really enjoyed all the processes that I experienced.Ranging from a sense of pressure and a lot of things which are not suspected of any other.Being a desaigner is not an easy job.But, because I love this work. I also encouraged to provide the best and to satisfy my customers.

Best Regards,

Valencia Arifin
Owner and Desaigner
Hugandkiss for all readers

Fashion Bloom Castle Jakarta in Grand Indonesia

CASTLE by Valencia

Enjoy it guys!

Hi dear, welcome to the CASTLE world.Let me tell you a glimpse of the CASTLE.Castle was established in the first of July 2012.The owner and also desaigner name's Valencia Arifin.Was born in Palembang 1992 and have an interested and passion in Fashion.The fact that she was born in entrepreneur family background.Definetly,sparked her into Bussines and Fashion.Being a young entrepreneur and a carrer woman has become a dream when she is 14 y.o
Due to the Lord and the support of the family and special person in my life.Finally!!! managed to have my own brand Which has been launching on 30 July 2012 yesterday at Grand Indonesia.The concept from Castle is fun,colourful and aimed to youth,who have a strong character and being different.

Here are the invitation

Happy Shopping and get special promotion.Only for this Launching

here are some CASTLE Cookies and free gift for our beloved customers
As a signature that this brand is part of my blood an my soul

 An inspiring woman in my life,MOM

We also provided EDC Machines to easily you,guys!

Best Regards,

Valencia Arifin
Hugandkiss for all the readers,
and very thanks for your support
God bless you