Senin, 10 September 2012

Fashion Bloom Castle Jakarta in Grand Indonesia

CASTLE by Valencia

Enjoy it guys!

Hi dear, welcome to the CASTLE world.Let me tell you a glimpse of the CASTLE.Castle was established in the first of July 2012.The owner and also desaigner name's Valencia Arifin.Was born in Palembang 1992 and have an interested and passion in Fashion.The fact that she was born in entrepreneur family background.Definetly,sparked her into Bussines and Fashion.Being a young entrepreneur and a carrer woman has become a dream when she is 14 y.o
Due to the Lord and the support of the family and special person in my life.Finally!!! managed to have my own brand Which has been launching on 30 July 2012 yesterday at Grand Indonesia.The concept from Castle is fun,colourful and aimed to youth,who have a strong character and being different.

Here are the invitation

Happy Shopping and get special promotion.Only for this Launching

here are some CASTLE Cookies and free gift for our beloved customers
As a signature that this brand is part of my blood an my soul

 An inspiring woman in my life,MOM

We also provided EDC Machines to easily you,guys!

Best Regards,

Valencia Arifin
Hugandkiss for all the readers,
and very thanks for your support
God bless you

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