Selasa, 18 September 2012

Quotes for every women

Hi guys, i am sorry for not uptodate because i am really busy focus with my internship and prepare something that i called " SURPRISE " for you all the readers.And i am really worked hard to make this surprise walking with perfect and according to which i dreamed.Today is the very tiring three meetings in a day.After having a discussion with my boss.( He is the best boss in the world ).And i am already consider him as my own father.He is very guide and very inspiring me and  hence i will always give the best i can.and because for a few reasons we should pending the meeting the Ms.Syahrini and re-schedule our meeting.

Anyway i will give you quotes.The purpose from this quote, demonstrated to all women out there and CASTLE really care for your confident,comfort and your day.I have heard from Mr.Black.Before, i am continue the story,Mr Black is famous entrepreneur and he is really a good fighter and really it's my pleasure to have a meet with him.He told me that " A good shoes is represent your character and a good shoes will bring you to a beautiful place " I love this statement and that's why i'll make CASTLE own quotes.Own style.Own taste.Own differentiate and OWN CHARACTER

Dear all readers, i am sorry maybe for next week i cant up to date with this blogs.I have to buying trip and really craving for Winter season.And here, i will make some surprise for you dear all the readers.And really dont forget with Castle Followers Contest.I will choose five lucky winner and enjoy some gifts that you never got before.Because the accesories that we will give for the winner is made in India.

Enjoy it all readers,
Best regards,

Valencia Arifin

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