Jumat, 28 September 2012


Hi dear all readers,

Sorry I am new to write anymore because yesterday I travel in Hongkong and China.I am Really enjoy when searching for materials and attending the biggest Accesories Exhibition in Hong Kong.Just over a minute from airpot to the Exhibition.Was overjoyed can be met by the seller material shoes from different countries.Assess the quality and merit of each respective fabric.Get acquainted with the material supplier of shoes and very sad once when noticed, that the quality of the fabrics, styles and colours they offer very different in Indonesia.And i am really can't restrain the passions me to go hunting.Do you wonder? waiting my collection edition for next fall/winter.I am really cant wait also.

Okeii,let's back to the topic.I feel very sad that shoebox would always be discarded and end up in the Junk box.I think a lot of things that can be used out of the box the shoes.And it would be nice if we could use a second-hand and thrift makes it appear to be pretty.We should be able to preserve our environment.Although the actions we do minimal, but we are already participating to protect the Earth and reducing waste.And here are some experiments, that i modificated into a beautiful bag.And you also can do this at your home.As creative as you want and make your own design and make it into multifunction box.

Make your signature shoe box :)


Enjoy it dear all readers, and i hope that this information is useful to you


Valencia Arifin

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  1. great idea! u look lovely btw :D

    check out my blog too if you like
    xoxo, Eliza
    bread and butter blog

    1. thankyou!

      i also like your feminine style :D
      really want to collaborate wih you and expand castle footwear in Ausie.


  2. i know castle! ikut fashion bloom yg di gi itu kan yah? ;D


  3. Hai Gabby,

    i guess kamu temennya rosa kan?

    Btw aku suka style kamu.Japanese style dan your hair colour :D