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Hi dear all readers!!!

Finally, i have a time to write and share with you all! Now i ' m very busy preparing looks and concept for CASTLE Fashion Show in Indonesia Creative Week.And also i have some surprise!!!My mom gives me project to make a bag brands for her.After having some experiment and a tiring ( lovely ) process.I decided to named it " Mi-Fa".It is a combination of my name and my mom's.Are you curious? If yes, please wait in early December.The concept is very simple and combine with webbing.Well, lets back to the topic

Dear all readers, tonight i will told you about Castle Charity Program.This is the first Casle Charity Program.The purpose is of course to help our less fortunate friends, beside that as evidence thank you for my first brand (:

In addition to the month of December has always been a month that most special for me.Anyone? And now, i am invite you all to participate in this Charity Program to Yayasan Tri Asih.It is located in Kebon Jeruk,Jakarta Barat.It's nursing care for disabled mental retardation severe.Their physical generally weak and motor coordination minimum, than they were given fissiotherapy.Their talk was hard-earned and hearing
Sometimes we do not ever grateful for what we have and we always complaining.Without we realize, we are very much more fortunate than them.

How very grateful we are born perfect (normal), could still run with normal activity, and most importantly we can still achieve our dreams.That's why, how wonderful if we can share with them.I am planning to give food and money fot them or any idea? ( please e-mail me in valenarifin@hotmail.com ).I will visit the foundation on Saturday, 15 Dec.With pleasure, you can also come and join to visit this foundation.As our mission, because the purpose of this contribution to help our friend who are less fortunate, we also accept other donations without purchase.Or simply, by purchasing each pair of our products.You already donate IDR 6.900,00 to them.You can also check in Yayasan Tri Asih website http://tri-asih.or.id/ws.html

For further informations, feel free to contact our customer service :
Phone / SMS : ( 0897-8600-060 )
BB Pin : 20F5EA52
E-mail : Castle.jakarta@gmail.com
Twitter and Facebook : Castle Jakarta

By share or inform this charity program to your friends,family, etc.It means you already help our friends outside that less fortunate.I am personally very thanks for your participation.And may God bless you always.

Feauture in Dresscode Magz 

Once again, thanks for your participate!!! For you who had never seen our Fall / Winter Collection."When Ted being witness" you can check in http://castle-jakarta.blogspot.com/2012/10/when-ted-being-witness-by-castle.html


Valencia Arifin

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