Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Hongkong Fashion Week 2013

Hongkong World Boutique
International Showcase!!!!!

Hiiii to dear all readers,

Miss u soo, thankyou for keep reading this blog.Today I am going to recount the activities that are super interesting and very proud to tell.Before I started telling stories, there are several things I want to tell and some appreciations.Very thanks for the Almighty, because without him i wouldn't have been able to achieve so far.And thank you to all of my extended family, which is very supportive of me, always giving the spirit, always taught me in every thing and always encourages me.Also the special man in my heart, thats always been my "Doraemon".LOL.

Can you imagine, i did all the preparation included production only in ONE MONTH.Well, the most important part is i already give and totally my best.After chasing each other with deadlines, sleeping dawn, the hectic schedule, visiting a factory and accomplish various other preparation.Finally it all pays off with a satisfying.The event was held on 14-17 January 2013.How lucky i am! My family and my boyfriend went up with me and of course help me.

I hope by reading this blog, it can be an inspiration to all of you who read this.Especially the young people, i wish you guys could have motivated, continues a career and be a blessing to those around you.By the way, i am the youngest participants on this event.I think regardless of your age is not a problem in starting a career.Some people are very surprised and don't believe, when it knew I was 20 years old and I was alone in managing my own brand and business.One Japanese man said i am very young and he wonder what things that makes me want a career at a young age.

And the reason is :

1. Especially make my parents proud of me.I promise one day will asked them to travelling arround the world with my own income.

2.I'd love to be an inspiration for people around me.My own vission and mission is as young generation we must advance the nation.Do something positive work and steadily at a young age.So, keep the spirit high peeps.Dig your potential and love all you do!!!

Back to the topic, the event located in Wanchai Building.Wanchai Building is a business center and a place of procurement seminars or exhibitions.From first enter buildings, we met by some women clothing way-out and fancy fashion stage.Really, i miss the ambience, the crowded and especially the international Fashion Show.

Okey, I think enough of my stories up here.Let's see some amazing pictures!!! Enjoy it readers and customers, and CASTLE-ISM

Here are some invitations and name card for exhibitors

Here are some usher.Serving to tell the area of the exhibition
Hongkong Word Boutique 2013 Fashion Icon
This is the view in front of entrance.What do you think? Thats why i said its totally awesome
Giant writing.Most of people, actress, model and others.They often taking picture here!

Hereeeee!!!! is my lovely tenant.
Okeyy this event, i create batik collection for all my shoes, i make a little twisted between batik and modern and still feminine.Do you remembered? In my previous post i was talking about my second brand...Yesss, the brand name is Mi-Fa.

And this is the cash register at the same time to greet guests and deal prices with buyers
Heii guys, this is my second line for bags...What do you think? Kindly email me in

Mrs.Sandra, from Philipina.She bought 20 pairs in a day.Cee you Mrs.Sandra
Forgive me for a little narcissistic.I wear HnM fur crop top, orange unbrnaded skirt and shoes from CASTLE that i designed.and the matching bag is Mi-Fa that i designed.
Forever 21 long sleeves and orange hat.And CASTLE Rabbit fur Boots in the second day :)
Yeay!!! Got a package from Hongkong World Boutique 2013.Feautured in Fashion Magazine with others International Brand from worldwide.Jesus,thankyou for everything

Guys, before i end my post today.I just wanna said "Give your best self for INDONESIA".Keep the spirit HIGH and Do everything with heart.Love everything that you do and have a big DREAMS.
Thankyou for reading this blog, have a nice day

Best Regards,

Valencia Arifin

Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!

Hi dear all readers,

Jingle Bells..Jingle Bells..!!

Very very sorry for late greeting :(.Better late than nothing at all.Its been very productive month because i am choosen as 10 Finalist in Indonesia Fashion Week.Keep pray for me :p!!Well, back to the topic! Merry Christmas for you guys who celebrate it.May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire

 Here what i said surpriseeeee!!! Let see how big your curious?? Guess what??? I am designing a " Christmas Heels and Christmas Shoes for Christmas Edition!!!! 

Tadaaaaaa!!!! Christmas Heels ready to complete your Christmas Style.What do you think?

 Have am awesome Chrismas everyone...and Happy New Year 2013!!!Hopefully in 2013, bring good luck and happiness to us all.Hopefully, this year we are getting better and this year be a year of change for us.Let's make a note of the resolution of you guys!! Emm, CASTLE wishes is always being your bestfriend to accompany your feet!!! And get more more and more loyal customers that we said CASTLEISM


Valencia Arifin :*

Castle Charity Program 2012

Dear all readers!!!! How are you?

Very very sorry for a late post about Castle Charity Program December 2012.Anyway, Happy New Year 2013 ( also wait about merry christmast and new year post :p, as usually we have a little surprise for you dear all readers )
First very thanks for Jesus that already bless this program.Second, thanks to all of you who have been compelled to participate and contribute, so glad because it got a lot of positive response.Third,thank you to all of you who have helped spread this message through a variety of ways ( broadcast messages, world of mouth, share via facebook/ twitter etc.Fourth,thanks for all CASTLE Crew and being behind the scenes and assist in various processes.Starting from checking the location, provide settings etc.Before i am share a lot of pictures about the activities.I would like to tell at a glance about this activity.This is an experience that is very beautiful and meaningful for me (and my team).life turned out so beautiful, especially with us who was born normal and healthy.We are born with a perfect, can run our activity and, most importantly achieve our dreams (even they also can achieve their dreams, but we are very lucky that we were born normally).

A very important thing in this visit is a sincere, plain, cheerful and very spirit reflected in them.How they really happy and diligentlyto face the day.When i came they were busy weaving, Mr.Widhiharsanto greet us warmly.After a short converstation, we decided to around the Foundation and see where their activity.Let see some pictures!!!

Here you see!! I am not I am not lying.Look how cheery and passion him!!!

See!!! There are very dilligent!! If they just spirit, what about us? ?
See!!! How they fill their days with SMILE and HIGH SPIRIT and how about US?

They also are given the skills, in order to seek income.Here they are taught sewing, the results of their work can be purchased in living room :)

And when i am go arround the foundation, i found a very beautiful quotes, touched my heart and for a moment I feel the luckiest people in the world, because i have an incredible mother and gave birth to me in this world.How very wonderful and lucky! we still have parents and very thanks for it.(Anyone who is reading this, come on now hug kiss your mother.NOW!!)

Having picture with with the board of the Foundation

Dear all readers, once again very thanks for your participation and prayer and of all of you.This activity can not run perfectly.Let god reward your kindness!!! And very thanks for my Jesus Christ, that already gave me and you guys chances to " Share.Praise.Receive.Love" Really hope that this post bring advantages for you guys and one more IMPORTANT thing before i am end this post.

" Let us be thankful, fill our days with passion and prayer.Make the most of every day we have with this incredible things!!!! "


Valencia Arifin