Kamis, 21 Maret 2013


Hi people!!!

How are you there? Well, i know what's on your mind!!!

1.Why i change castle.jakarta with my name? and Where you can find CASTLE and buy our products?
2.What's meaning from the tittle "ENTREPRENEUR BUBBLE"?

Let me explain you one by one :

1.I change castle Jakarta with my name because my brand CASTLE on process and progress for our online store!!! Horayyy..so, its very easily you to purchase our products.So all activities, events or things that relate to CASTLE i'll writing here.And the most exciting is,  i will share to you guys in the exercise of my efforts and some of the TIPS and MOTIVATIONS.And really hope inspiring you guys!

2.ENTREPRENEUR BUBBLE is my personal project.I will sharing a post that contains my interview with those success Entrepreneur in Indonesia (in every fields).So, we are learning together guys! My main purpose in addition would like to share, I also remember when it used to be at the point I'd like to get started.I feel very confidence crisis and the many obstacles that I got.Therefore, by writing down a few tips and my experience, I think it would be a leap for all of you.And I also feel very happy because I can share information and experience this exciting.Really hope it useful guys and bring EXTRA SPIRIT for you all!!

So, the conclusion is this web is contains everything that positive and dedicated to Youngster Generation!! Being Entrepreneur and Independent and enjoy every struggling.

Well, my first meeting with Mr.Bob Sadino was held on 06 Mar 2013.I think i will not forget this date and will mark in my memo.Short story about Mr.Bob Sadino, he is Indonesian Conglomerate and single ownership of Kemchics in Kemang, up to the supermarket.He collaborate with Agung Sedayu Group and make "The mansion" apartment in Kemang.He also have a trading company which is produce vegetables and export to Japan,Korea,America etc.He also have a laundry company, printing services and  (others that i don't know ).Guys, guess how old is he? He is 80 years old!!!

Having converstation and interviewing Mr.Bob Sadino is the best part of my life, and i am feel very honour.A part that I like best when meeting with successful people is their way of thought, cultural work and their everyday lives and activities.Trust me guys, that really affect us.Because I know the habits of people who don't like to read long posts.I will instantly make the conclusions of these valuable meetings.Or i think make it into a points is more interesting right?

Conclusion from Valuable Meetings :
1.Enjoy all process toward maturity
2.Live alone in this world is just full of risks especially want to do business!!! (This statement make me smiling tingly )
3.MOVE from your COMFORT ZONE ( I will give some tips about this on the next post )
4.When facing trouble you just need to finding solutions, action and just wait for the result.Dont make it became more complicated.Realize it or not, sometimes we played too much with our mind.It's time we same study finding something positive in every issue.Agree?
5.thinking is a process that without we realize makes us become more sensitive and more honed instinct

Here some pictures :

I haven't tell you guys that Mr.Bob Sadino was 80 Y.O and was born in 09 Maret 2013.Before i am ending my post today.Dont forget to buy IDE BISNIS Magazine 2013 April issue.Happy to announced that i was featured on there as a 21 Entrepreneur Female for Kartini Day's.Have a nice Thursday and wait for the next guess for Entrepreneur Bubbles part 2.

Best regards,

Valencia Arifin

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013



By Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Hi girls,how are you?? I have many good news to you all! Hihi..Wondering what? okeii,let me tell you.Now, CASTLE ( my footwear accesories brand ) will launching our online store soon!!!! And have many surprise to you all.We have so many many interested programs in our launching store, make sure you keep uptodate with us in our twitter @CastleJakarta and Our facebook in Castle Jakarta.So, just wait the show time!!!

Very happy to announced!! That i won Favourite Winner Accesories Category in Indonesia Fashion Entrepreneurs Competition!Thankyou Almighty for every blessing!!Even i am not the winner, i get so many many things to learned.It was a great experience and i am proud to be part of it.The judges is very scary me.Let me tell you who the judges that really make me short heart attack ( just kidding ) don't take it too seriously.

Here list of the judges :

1.LENNY AGUSTINE : Leader of  Indonesia Fashion Entrepreneurs Competition and Indonesian Famous Designer

2.TARUNA K.KUSMAYADI : Leader of Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia and Indonesian Famous Designer

3.ALI CHARISMA : President Director Indonesia Fashion Week and Indonesian Famous Designer

4.EUIS SAEDAH : Director of the ministry of industry Republic Indonesia

5.POPPY SAVITRI : Director of the ministry of tourism and Creative Economy


7.SUSAN BUDIHARJO : Indonesian Famous Designer and the Owner of fashion School Susan Budiharjo

8.AMY WIRABUDI : Editor in Chief - INSTYLE Magazine

9.RINALDY A. YUNARDI : Indonesian Accesories Designer

10.CHITRA SUBIYAKTO : Fashion Director, Fashion Stylist and Creative buyer for Alun-Alun Department Store

11.FRANKA SEMIN : Fashion Stylist, Fashion Writer Tabloid Nova & Fashion Consultant MAE Indonesia

Don't blame me, if i suddenly got a short heart attack, after having 5 minutes presentation.We start the Fashion show.And i got turn seven ( accesories categories ).Here i am share with you the pictures.

Before i finish my post today.Keep up the spirit!!! and RISING YOUNGSTAR!!! I wanna sharing a very useful quotes that become my principle ( even sometimes quite hard to do ) Some on told me, he is very inspiring me.He is Mrs.Merry Riana husband.He is Mr.Alva Tjanderasa.He told me that

" We can find the money, but the time will never be able to return.TIME is our Investment "