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Entrepreneur Bubbles - 02 Philip Triatna

Hi all!!! How are you doing and how your activities?

Well, today i will sharing with you the second speaker for Entrepreneur Bubbles.His succeed story is very inspiring and its really showing how everyone can be succeed and achive their dreams.I think it is very unfair when I am just myself who always know and secrets successful people.Therefore I decided to share this story with you guys.In order to become a reference for all of us to always work and find our identity.I know you already curious.The speaker is Mr.Philip Triatna.After having an appointment.While interview we are having tea time together.

I met Mr.Philip Triatna in his cafe that located in Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 26 F the cafe name is Saudagar Kopi.I am really recommended this place.It looks very comfort and the concept of the cafe is very urban.Really loves Kopi Kocok.Their favourite drink! Oke, back to the topic.

Nb : Valencia ( V ) / Mr.Philip ( P )

( V ) : What's your current activity right now? 
( P ) : For now, i am busy with my cafe that i would expand to have more than one branches.And also focus as a Sales and motivation trainer in a company.My client such as ( INDOSIAR Television, CERES Company, Banks etc ), Focus with his new book and also focus on Board Game that collaborate with Winner Masterchef Indonesia ( Ibu Desi ).This Boardgame is same with monopoli.But the unique or different point is this game is give you extra value.Creating simulations and games try to combine food with positive values.Isn't it a brilliant idea? Let me give you the pictures

Very creative right???

( V ) : What things that inspired you to doing this all?
( P ) : A things that really inspired me because of the interests and hobbies and also i want to share with all the people through writing the book.I am very happy if I could bring a better impact in everyone's life and realize that their life is worth.

 Very thankyou for Mr.Philip that give me a very special book "Naskah Hidupku" The content of this book is very interesting and looks like a diary.So, you just need to write your progress day by day.And answer the questions that really help us to find our goal and our vission in the future.

( V ) : How about your education? ( Guys,READ IT CAREFULLY & Let you get inspired )
( P ) : I was the eighth child of eleven children,when i was a 13 my parents going bankrupt and the bad news is i can't continue my education in secondary school.At that time, i was feeling frustated and i think i will not have a good future.As we know, graduates scholar so many being so unemployment.How about me? That only graduate in secondary school.For some reason, I was forced to stay away from parents.And the real life has begun.

So that the life of every day can take I have to find the money myself. I also do a variety of jobs.I've become a sate with rewards I may eat Satay after my work.I also used to be flower sellers and I also used to be a clerk in a record store, at that point I could watch tapes while keeping the store.

( V ) : Wow, i was amazed.Can you tell me your step by step that make you became right now?
( P ) : After many years working.When i was 18 I called to the social work and at that time I was with friends opened a drug rehabilitation centres and I also accommodate those people who experience mental disorders that located in Sukabumi.In the process I got a lot of life lessons and learn how to be patient and the closer I am to God.I really enjoy providing services for them.Two years later the opportunity is come.My friend ask me to join network marketing.And the sun rises was started in my life.Since 2002 - 2009 i joined in Network marketing and got DIAMOND Position.Now I am already in a high position and just monitor my downline.In this company i got so many experiences and lessons.Learning people skill, people personality and how to build network.

( V ) : How do you feel confident to plunge into the world of business, but the insight is very important in doing business?
 ( P ) : The best way for me to plunge into the world of business with the confidence was armed with my experience and I am an avid reader of books because it is my hobby.In addition many meet and learn with everyone I meet.I am sure that my persistence would bear fruit sweet

( V ) : What is your key success?
( P ) : My key success is i am really focus and have a strong commitment.I have never been shy and always wanted to learn.

( V ) : What is your culture work in yourself?
( P ) :  Workhard + Honest + Be Responsible and FAITHFUL WITH LITTLE PROBLEMS

( V ) : How do you deal with failure or frustation feeling?
( P ) : I think when I start to try and when I fail at least I've advanced a step.Even if you fail at least you know that you are one step ahead.

( V ) : What is your vission in the future?
( P ) : I want my life meaning and helping people 

( P ) There are three goal in life.
-  Goal Result ( Your purpose of life ), Goal learning ( books, environment ), Goal working ( Humble, commitment and workhard )

Message from Mr.Philip Triatna to YOUNGSTER GENERATION is :
If you want to be successful, befriend in an environment that contains the success people.In the next two or five next years in the future.YOU WILL ALSO BECOME LIKE THEY ARE

Hei youngster generation!!!!!! Keep up the spirit and FAITHFUL WITH LITTLE PROBLEMS
Here my picture with Mr.Philip Triatna.
Valen with Mr.Philip Triatna

 Remember again guys! Success belongs to all people and when we are faithful in small matters.Success will be ours.The most important thing is to run a process and enjoy it as part of our progress to being mature.

Best regards and warm hug

Valencia Arifin

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