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Hi people!!!!

How are you? Wish you have a great Wednesday.
In this third post, i would tell you something that very interesting and of course I really hope by reading this can inspire you all and impact each positiv to your ways.Because time is money and an investment that cannot be purchased with anything.Today I am very happy because today I met a friend of mine.She looks very different from the usual.Wonder what is that?

She looks very vigor and confidence.And she said that she was inspired by this web.Was overjoyed know that i write this down not resultles.Let's move from your comfort zone and keep on fire to reach your dreams.Back to the topic...

I guess you all know with her.When she was a kid, she is very famous.She is famous for her cuteness and the song is very interesting and easy to remember.This song also my favourie song when i was kid.The song name's BOLO-BOLO.Yups, she is! She is TINA TOON.

She is very nice and friendly, i also decided to interview Tina Toon for featuring her current activities in this web.We also having a business.Totally, Tina is very inspiringWhy? Are you curious? I think absolutely YES.Oke, Here i start..

Valen : What's your current activity right now?
Tina :  Singing and College.Beside that, i also busy with my beauty business.It named DAITA.Its very good for your skin care.Luna Maya, Baim Wong, Dewi Gita and SMASH also using this product.

Valen : Where your product distribution
Tina : So far, we are doing direct selling.This product is very useful adn worth to buy.Before using DAITA my skin often problematic.I really recommended all female to using this serum.

Valen : It's really interesting, you still have your own businnesBecause as we know,you are very busy.
Tina : Overall, I really enjoy my activities. and I want to help all women.By giving them a very viable product used to help cope with a troubled face.

Valen : How do you divide time between work and College
Tina : I have a time management.Not lazy and diligent.In addition it also disciplined and committed

Valen : Tina, you are famous artists who have a good reputation, how do you keep it all?
Tina : Because I have the purposes and indeed I was busy with work and my college.While still in young age better doing something positiv.

Valen : Who is the most strongly support and inspiring you in your career?
Tina : My mother and my Grand mother

Valen : Where is your College?
Tina : In Binus International

Valen : What in principle you work?
Tina : Discipline, running job with love and hard work

Valen : What advice would you give to the young generation?
Tina  : Work hard and achieve your dreams!

Valen : Today, many young people who spend their time with things that are not positive.How point of view Tina?
Tina : It seems to me they have to change their mindset and more motivated to make a positive and beneficial activities.Because all of this is for ourselves

Valen : What is your advice and counsel to advance the nation's younger generation?
Tina : My suggestion is that important useful for yourself, family, environment and perform to the maximum what we can do.

Here is my picture with Tina Toon

With curiousity, Tina gave me the product.DAITA Skincare.After I tried it, I felt the result is maximum and this is my photo using its products.It's really highly recommended!! If you are interested you can email me in : valenarifin@hotmail.com with Subject : " DAITA SKIN CARE " 
i will kindly help you to order the product.DAITA will sent directed from Tina.

Feeling my face more smooth and slick.How about you?

I am really hope my post today will give you inspiration.May you all have always been eager to reach your goals and your dreams.Come on, we can certainly can do it.Tina Toon being very inspiring for us toda.Even she's famous but you see she's beautiful inside and outside.Let us learn from a positive thing and applying it in our life.

Warm hug and kiss,

Valencia Arifin

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