Kamis, 16 Mei 2013


Hi People!!! How are you? Two post up on this night.After i finish doing all the work.I immediately decided to recount my experiences with my wonderful resource to inspire.And I think it's not fair if I do not tell it to you all.I apologize for this late post.Because these days i am very busy and must carefully apportion time.Hectic,deadline,think hard and making decision, is part of my "food" everyday.but I really enjoy all of this and for somehow I became more excited.I am very grateful to the Lord for all the grace and the opportunity he has given to me.I hope i can share with you all.Okay, back to the topic. In 30 April 2013 i met Mr.Erwin Yap in his apartment.He is very fashionable and friendly.I really love this interview.Have a converstation with Mr.Erwin Yap give me a new perspective.I really like Mr.Erwin Yap style.He's really being his self and sometimes we laugh together.If you want to know more, you can read the powerpoint that I made.A sentences from Mr.Erwin Yap that i really love is " If you are faithful with little problems then God will give you a better " Happy Reading and hope this useful :) Take the positive value and apply in your life Best regards, Valencia Arifin Warmhug and kisses :*

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