Senin, 03 Juni 2013


Hi people!!!

At 28 May, i am being a Guess Speaker in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara.I am feeling very happy because i can sharing my experiences and give some business tips for start up.I love to learning and sharing.That's why i am very enjoy this talkshow and take the time.I was invited by Ide Bisnis Magazine.with theme "How to be a Young and Succesful Entrepreneurs".And here some pictures:

I find it very nice to meet and chat with other speakers.They are anazing people.Lucky me to know and have a friend with them.I get many questions from seminar participants. hope i can help them and give many inspirations.Move from your comfort zone and keep challenging yourself :) I am really love and feel very excited to motivate them.Well, cee you on the next post!


Valencia Arifin


Hi peopleeeee!!!!

How are youuuuu?

I Just want to start the day with short post.I just want to tell you that i am choosen as a "TOP 3 Campus Ambasador" Wuaaaa, i am so so so happy and excited.Once again thankyou Jesus.Hihihi...
As i ever told you.I am adore Mrs.Merry Riana so muchhhhhh...Can you imagine, if you are in my position.Got the certificate as a TOP 3 from someone that you adore?

I cant describe my feeling, when Mrs.Merry Riana called me that i am choosen as a TOP 3 Campus Ambasador and should give speech arround 5 minutes.Mrs.Merry told me that i can get this TOP 3 because based from personal observation from Mrs.Merry Riana and Mr.Alva Tjenderasa and Reccomendation from others ambasador.Thankyou Mrs.Merry Riana that choosen me.I am so honour :) and here the pictures that i hang on my wall.

I just remembered my first meeting with Mrs.Merry Riana on November
I am really really adore Mrs.Merry Riana.She is amazing!!! Very lovely and friendly.Mrs Merry Riana.I wish one day become like youuu...Thankyou for teaching me

Warmhug and kisses,

Valencia Arifin

Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

PRETTY FLOWERS Fashion Show by Valencia Arifin

Hi guys!!!Please forgive me for this late post.Actually, i am really busy to preparing my upcoming event.Having meeting with my team (feels like everyday).And also repsonsible for other activities.But, its okey i am really enjoy everythings that i doing.I love every details that i am doing.though I have always had trouble sleeping and sometimes used to think extra.Well, back to the topic :)

At 26 April, i am particpate in Bright Batik Festival.Bright Production is an Event Organizer that build by Young Generation.That's why i'm really intererested to join.Because i was very own support of young people who want to work :D

Here i give you some pictures about CASTLE Batik Fashion Show with concept "Pretty Flowers".Pretty Flowers is describe the feminity and i am trying to combine with other bright colours.This collection is ready to wear and more flexible.So, it's easily you to wearing this in every event.I love every details about this process.Start from hunting the fabric, dealing with supplier, brainstorming concept etc.I got the inspirations from Flowers.That'w why i named the concept "Pretty Flowers" I think every women love flowers right? One month process and finally "The show time" Wuaaaaaa, i was so excited.Special for this collection.I am design the complete outfits and make it matching,LoL.I love to see the dress and shoes matching.

And here the pictures :

Here the pictures!!!At backstage before the show :)

Enjoy the pictures :) and for complete Lookbook will update soon.Hope you like it...

Warmhug and Kisses,

Valencia Arifin :*


Hi peopleeeeeee!!!!

How are you? Really hope that you are good :).My dear readers, please forgive me for late post.Today i take time to writing about my current activities.And today, there's a good news from me to announced :D. Are you curious? Okey, let me tell youuuuu...
I am so so happy because I am officially graduate from Lasalle College International!Yeaaayyy sho happy inti maximum limit and the most happines thing is I am chooses as "THE BEST FASHION BUSINESS STUDENT 2013" I never never think and expected that i got the predicat in my Graduation Day.It's really completed my happines.
That's why  I'd like to thank some people :
1.Thankyou Jesus, for your for all the grace, blessings and the opportunity that has been given.I am so blessed.Hopefully I can be a blessing to the people around me.

2.Thankyou for my Parents.Thankyou for trust me and thankyou for your support and love my dear Mom and Dad.Wish one day  i can realize your dreams Mom and Dad.Our secret Dreams!

3.Thankyou for my dear boyfriend Handi Usman.that always accompany me when love and grief.Be a friend thinking at a time when there is a problem and always helped me.And always be a mechanic sudden.( I know your passion so well ).Wish you completed your business project this year.I am totally support yo.Be the Entrepreneur!!!!

4.Thankyou for my Brother and Family.Thankyou my handsome brother Jacky Arifin and Vira (His girlfriend).For your support and love.I know you love me so well.Thankyou for your care and everything my dear.They always support me not just in the happy time.But my time in failure :).Thankyou for my big family that i can mention one by one.But you are the best of the best.I am so blessed.Having Family that love me so much.Thankyou IDAMAN GROUP :)

5.Thankyou to Mrs.Merry Riana and Mr.Alva Tjenderasa.
You know guys!!! I am so inspired by Mrs.Merry Riana and Mr.Alva Tjenderasa.They are so amazing.I am really blessed that mentored by them.Their entrepreneur spirit really influent me.Wish one day i could be like her :)

6.Thankyou to Mr.Tjong Kwang ie and Mrs.Vivi Jap
Really really...I am nothing without Mr.Tjong Kwang ie and Mrs.Vivi.From them i learned how to move from my comfort zone.They really teached me to become the Single Fighter.Their mindset and their business spirit really make me in this position.Many many thanks for everything :)

7.Thankyou to all my bestfriend
Very thanks to my Filipin Auntie.Yvonne :) She really know my struggling and accompany me in every single problems.Always support me in every conditions and bring some dessert when i was stressed to finish the deadline :) Also thankyou for my dearest Katherine,Devy,Irene and also for my Palembang friends.Peseqh crew ( Hanny,Debby H, Femi, Winny, Debby A and Mentari ) I love you so much my girls!! and Smile Crew.Also to Agustina,fenny, amel,yurin,Kak Parmin etc.Thankyou for your support guys!!

Hi Castle Team!! Very thanks for your attention.I am really appreciate your workhard and your ideas to make my business become bigger.Thankyou for always giving the best.I love you most ( Cella,Tia,Rani,Elpin,Jenifer,Adam and Lisa) Keep up the spirit and make a change!

Thankyou for every support, love and cares that given to me.I love you most!!! I am nothing without you all guys.Once again very thanks for everythings.Love you most...

And here some pictures about the graduation :)
Yeaayyy!!! Here what i got.

Vouchers!!! Thankyouu and Happy Shopping :)

With other Best Student from Different Majors.

Many pictures that i am gonna share but the camera is error and i dont know why.Cee you!!! I hope this post give you a lot of inspiration!! Keep up the spirit...

Best regards,

Valencia Arifin