Senin, 03 Juni 2013


Hi peopleeeee!!!!

How are youuuuu?

I Just want to start the day with short post.I just want to tell you that i am choosen as a "TOP 3 Campus Ambasador" Wuaaaa, i am so so so happy and excited.Once again thankyou Jesus.Hihihi...
As i ever told you.I am adore Mrs.Merry Riana so muchhhhhh...Can you imagine, if you are in my position.Got the certificate as a TOP 3 from someone that you adore?

I cant describe my feeling, when Mrs.Merry Riana called me that i am choosen as a TOP 3 Campus Ambasador and should give speech arround 5 minutes.Mrs.Merry told me that i can get this TOP 3 because based from personal observation from Mrs.Merry Riana and Mr.Alva Tjenderasa and Reccomendation from others ambasador.Thankyou Mrs.Merry Riana that choosen me.I am so honour :) and here the pictures that i hang on my wall.

I just remembered my first meeting with Mrs.Merry Riana on November
I am really really adore Mrs.Merry Riana.She is amazing!!! Very lovely and friendly.Mrs Merry Riana.I wish one day become like youuu...Thankyou for teaching me

Warmhug and kisses,

Valencia Arifin

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